Good Morning

Good morning, Good morning
Don’t make any frowns,
It’s time for a new adventure
So don’t look so down.

Be ready in the morning
So you are bright and fresh in school,
But if you are tired and sleepy
You start drooling in school.

If you start sleeping school,
I bet you, it wouldn’t be cool.
You will get left and right by the teacher,
Who may not even belong to your school!!!

The teacher may call you a few (or many) bad names,
And throw you out of the window of the building,
and the second time you did it
You may never know you are flying.

Let me tell you about Billy Jones,
Who used always sleep in class,
On 4th January, 2012, he disappeared,
Out of the window, breaking the glass.

So you should never dream like Billy,
Or from Mammalia, you might shift to Aves,
And disappeared out of our planet
And like Tintin we’d say ‘Great Snakes!’


Posted on January 25, 2012, in Poems and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Why were you absent today Aditya?

  2. What a poem Bural!!!!!

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