Aditeya’s Birthday Party ‘2012

Diary, I was too lazy to upload these birthday photos; sometime back my web site was hacked by some enthusiast from Saudi Arabia and I had to pull it off from the internet. I also lost confidence on the hosting service provider where my site was hosted and eventually had to move my site onto WordPress shared hosting. And I lost some files… and I got time now to publish those…

Here the birthday boy is showing something interesting on his laptop to the guests! Have you ever imaged this to happen on your child’s birthday? In the following photo the guests are looking curiously at something… what’s that??

Oh! the kids are having a BeyBlade challenge! While the birthday cake waits patiently…

The cake cutting part… as usual huge confusion and competition too! The candles are difficult to put off; those were the type which automatically light up even after being put off… you see two boys are helping the birthday boy to put them off. Dhrivik, the little boy on the left seems to be very excited and didn’t mind getting over the table to give a good lesson to the glowing candles as you see the birthday boy retreats and let Dhrivik have all the fun!

Along with other kids and guests…

Look at these photos! How much are our children individualistic? Here’s a sample. Everyone is engrossed with an electronic device – something or the other. Head down and completely oblivious to surroundings. But no, don’t think they are not talking to each other… they are connected! those gadgets are connected and they are probably playing some group games! They ping other, poke someone else; but no they don’t talk to each other face-to-face even sitting next to each other. Wow! May God bless them!


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