Bishop Cotton Boys’ Middle School Annual Prize Day ‘2012

Diary, no time to write much; these photos need to be published asap; people are waiting… we had great fun of attending the annual prize day at the school. Official photographer myself!

The ladies wanted to have a group photo and here it is. Last year, Sowmya was missed out and I was reminded of the mistake for rest of the year. But this time also Rashmi and family was little late in reaching the spot. I almost lost hope and started shooting when they reached. So two photos and all united in one shot.

But unfortunately the fathers are not so easy to bring together; Aditya suddenly got busy with something else; so two photos.

Diary, now the challenge for me is how to copy-paste one of the ‘babas’ into one photo. After lot of persuasion, I somehow was able convince that it is not possible with the kind of basic photo editing tools that I have.

Shots of school band and dance group’s performance…

Few shots from the hilarious drama ‘The Stomach Pain’… we the audience surely had the pain out of laughing!

Last photo… Aditeya taking prize for his performance in standard VI.


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