Boy Scouts of Bishop Cotton

This Saturday we were all present at Bishop Cotton Boys’ School to see our wards participating in Boy Scout drill at the school premise. Normally, the participation is mandatory from standard VIII, but this time they somewhat broke the rule and took few students from standard VII also in the group. Ajay Kumar, teacher responsible for Boy Scout, had told us earlier that he wanted few leaders to groom earlier… Aditeya and Shuvam were selected for this. Hence, on Saturdays, we have this special duty (!) at the school from 8:00 am onwards.

It started almost a month back and looks like they plan to have this week-end drill at least once or twice a month. We also came to know that they would have special drill on upcoming Independence Day. Good! Our families were with us.

I took my camera today and here are few snaps from my photo blog.

Aditeya getting ready for the drill; photo taken at home; ‘Madhesh’ – yellow mascot (of Dubai shopping festival ’2003) behind looks on…

Snaps taken during the drill… two cops from Bangalore Traffic Police came to give advice to the boy scouts; half the students didn’t understand as the cop was speaking in local language! So I guess much of the advice went waste…

Shuvam and Aditeya in action during the drill…

Aditya, Hara and Bibhu at the backdrop of school main ground…

These photos were taken in front of the main gate of Bishop Cotton Boys’ School


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