Tidal Waves on Ganga near Uttarpara, Hooghly, West Bengal

Tidal waves approaches

How many of us have seen the “Tidal Bore or Waves” in the river — Also known as ‘Baan’ or ‘Joar’ in Bengali?

The bores are natural phenomenon and occur in relatively few places worldwide and the Ganga happens to be the only river in India where the tidal bore occurs. Find all about those facts in this Wikipedia article and also here.

Now coming to personal experience… I was visiting my native at Uttarpara, West Bengal couple of weeks back and the place in the photos below is just next to the bank of river Ganga – bang opposite to Dakshineswar Kali temple.

It was rainy season, the Ganga was full to the brim and I was lucky to be present with my camera when the tidal bore came.

It was a nostalgic moment… our native house used to be at the same place and the dining room was at the place where I stood to take these snaps. I have been seeing this kind of tidal waves since my childhood… there was a favorite chair in the dining room where from you would get a clear view of the waves when it comes… and we, my cousin sister, brother and myself used to fight to decide who would sit there! If anyone of them or my relatives is reading this would know what it meant in our childhood!

The place is still there; the natural phenomenon still occurs; but the house is gone to pave way something new… but moments stay in our memory and history probably still repeats…


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  1. great job, contact if you have more news baout the bore / baan

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