What’s in a name?

All those who read or follow my posts… good news… my website baral.in is back in life. Just to remind all of you… a few weeks back some computer enthusiast from Saudi Arabia had hacked in and I had to take the site offline. Following that my hosting provider was not allowing me to restore the site as it seems though they have many WordPress site which were successfully hacked into (shows their security vulnerability and the clients got them into trouble) my site was the first one they could lay their hands on for a successful root cause analysis… so I had to bear with them and let them learn. It also helped me to quickly decide to run away from their clutch!

Now as they have completed their learning and I was informed yesterday I can do whatever necessary.

So you can now access the site either by typing baral.in in your browser or by typing parthabaral.wordpress.com. Both will take you to the same site. The only difference is if you access using baral.in it will redirect you to the original site hosted on WordPress.

Shakespeare said “what’s in a name”. As many others borrowed that line afterwards; but I guess nobody used the line to announce a website! Kudos! to myself!


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