Transcript of 3rd Year Paining Course

I was little hesitant in writing about this in a public forum, but I guess eventually the necessity of recording the event in my diary and also that ‘proud-father’ moment took over me and compelled me to post this.

In Bangalore there’s a center of Bangiya Sangeet Parishad – affiliated to Rabindra Bharati University and my son has been attending their Painting course for last 3 years. The result of 3rd year came on Friday in last week and he has cleared the examination with distinction. In first year he had chosen water color painting; but for last two years he was using pencil sketches. He is currently doing 4th year and I brought some Art books in this year curriculum from College Street, Kolkata during my last visit.

I thought of letting all of you know this through this quick post.

Links to some of his drawings…
Pencil Sketches
Few Old Drawings
Pencil Sketches from 4th Year
King Kong and Others


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  1. awesome drawings, truly lovely

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