The Sun

O Sun, you are so beautiful,
You rise up everyday,
And are with us,
Throughout the year
And make our lives very gay.

You are with us throughout the day,
Even though you are invisible at night,
You are very much like a good friend,
Always there for us,
And always in sight.

You help us in many ways,
Sunlight, Warmth, Energy, Fire;
Couldn’t have been received without you,
It seems we would all tire.

You are seen all over the world,
As beautiful as anywhere,
You appear very bright in the sky,
Without you, we would all die.

We thank God, you are with us,
But we don’t thank Him enough,
Only if you would disappear and go away,
Then only they would say,
“Hey!?! Where’s the Sun?!”
But I really hope that day would never come.


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