The Superhero Duo

This is a story of two ten year old kids who have superpowers and stopped the smuggling of exotic animals…

A warm summer afternoon…and I’m wandering in search of a place…

“Billy!! Hurry along! Don’t slag around!”

Now tell me, frankly speaking, How does one not slag around when your parents are on a wild goose chase for this hotel called….err…Damn it! I don’t care!!! And I’m pretty sure the hotel manager didn’t come up with this name!

“Ah! There’s the manager!!! Come…we’ve got to meet him!” cried out Dad.

You know, since we’ve found the manager, can I have a rather painful and violent talk with him about setting up a taxi service at least and how the hell did he build a hotel in the middle of nowhere! Seriously, Is THIS the middle of nowhere?

“Welcome to Hotel ‘Blu-Resort’ and we wish you and your family a happy stay!”

“Wait a minute, I can sense something…I can see a pink building, a swing and a mango tree………….Excuse me, were all these things here?”

“The hall room used to be pink, and as for the swing and the tree, they were there but now there is a garden there, BUT DO NOT ENTER THE GARDEN, IT’S FORBIDDEN!!!!”

“By the way have you come here before?”

“Nah! He’s making it up! It’s the first time we’re here!” answered Dad.

“But I can really see what others can’t see!!!”

“Now listen, Billy! We are going to our room and then going out for lunch…” said Mom

“But Mom…I can really…”

“Billy, First of all, you get very bad marks in history and now you are showing how smart you are!!!”

“But I tried my best…didn’t I? And the manager also wants to talk to me right?”


“Ok, fine…I won’t predict anything….”

That is the reason I don’t like to use my powers in front of my parents and these powers are not ‘made-up’. They are real! They already know I can predict a little bit of history it doesn’t mean I’m unsafe! And By the way…The superhero powers which I have are all the help from my Grandpa! My grandpa was one of the smartest scientists. He wanted to create a unique specimen DNA by merging a little bit of DNA of EVERY animal up to date. He managed to collect the mixture in a radiator. It turned the mixture into a beam of light! It could be the invention of the century or the killing of the century. What would happen to lab rat? Will it survive? And the amount was very less, enough for one organism. So he decided to leave it. He couldn’t sacrifice another person’s life by experimenting. He could go to jail! And if the serum worked, he wasn’t going to waste it on a rat!!! So he dropped the idea. But I wanted to see what would happen. So I put my hand and touched the absorber but nothing happened. I thought Grandpa was right and it wouldn’t work but at that moment the lights switched on, the machine shook and my legs froze. I saw a green beam of light going through me and then my legs gave away and I fell unconscious.

I woke up in hospital on a bed and my respiration was being calculated. I think someone would really find it strange to find someone lying unconscious in front of a killer machine.
When I woke, my Grandpa gave a thumbs-up and I immediately understood. The experiment worked! I was practically a superhero now! I could use my powers for good…or even bad. But I promised I would never do that and always help others!

I had the hunting power of a lion, the power of an elephant, and the bravery of a tiger and so on! But it has a defect. After about 20 mins, the power wears off and I become a human once more. Too bad I had to learn it the hard way when I plummeted to the ground after 20 mins of my flying.

Now I’m in my room in this so-called-hotel and Dad’s already started to do a detailed inspection of every room.

“Wow! Such a nice room! Now can I go out?”

“Well, we did have a tiring day, yes, you could go….

“Yay!” I cried

“After lunch!” added Dad.


Maybe after lunch I could do a little bit of adventure, maybe some transformations and also not to forget about the ‘FORBIDDEN GARDEN’ I chuckled.

At lunch, I met this guy called Carl and found out that he also had some powers. He could take on the characteristics of anything he thinks of. Like, if he thinks about a diamond, he’ll become as strong as a diamond! Man! This guy’s really cool!!!

So after finishing our lunch, I told him about the suspicious Mr Moody (aka the manager) and about exploring the forbidden garden. He liked the idea so off we went.

“I really want to know why did he forbid us from coming here, it’s just a large garden with tall grass where no one is visible for miles!” I asked Carl.

“I think there’s something mysterious.” said Carl.

Then we both decided to just convince ourselves of no danger and decided to show our powers. While I became a hawk, I could hear a lot of juicy talk in the corner of the garden.

“Are the goods ready?”

“Yes Boss!”

“Good…and remember keep a good watch on those crates, they contain…”

I was up in a tree and hearing this conversation when my muscles twitched!

“Rats!” I cried.

The fact is that whenever my muscles twitch, it states that I have only five seconds left for human transformation. The Boss must’ve seen me, for I fell right in front of him. I couldn’t see his face. The knock from the fall made me reveal that I was spying! At that time Carl must’ve thought of some trouble and came running towards me. But he tripped over a rock and fell down!! “OH NOOO!!!” I cried. The other guys knocked him senseless. He was my only chance of escape and now there was no hope. I screamed for help but no one heard me and then I felt the back of my head on fire and realised I had been knocked senseless!!!

“Day-Tuesday, Month-January, Place- Where the hell am I???” and I awoke at last. I found that my hands and feet were tied and Carl’s were also tied. And in turn we were CHAINED to a pole. Then Carl woke. I tried talking but I realised my mouth and nose was tied tightly. Then I thought why was my nose also covered? I smelt the cloth and guess what? It was soaked in CHLOROFORM!

I thought at least one hour of sleeping by knocking and six hours by chloroform, my God! I was tied here for at least seven hours!!!

I tried signalling Carl to become as hard as a diamond and break free by expanding my breast. I read his mind and understood that he could only become as hard as a diamond not ‘cut’ like a diamond! “Drat!” I thought. “There goes plan number one!”

I thought-What could be the other way of escaping? Anything on my part? Will the chains break when I transform? Because when I transform there’s nothing that can stop me and by ‘nothing’ I mean NOTHING in the Universe!!!

But I needed something big and strong- an elephant!!! No, I thought, Carl has the power of ten elephants but still couldn’t, what will be the use of one???

My grandpa said all creatures up to date, Dinosaurs are also creatures and they are huge! If I can…Well! Here goes nothing!!!

I concentrated on a dinosaur and started murmuring the name of a dinosaur. At first nothing happened but later my size increased! My eyes turned bloodshot! My fingers became huge claws and my teeth started to get pointed! The chains broke off with no problem at all! Immediately we heard the sound of footsteps! The gang members were coming! They heard the chains break!!!

I turned back to human, untied Carl and told him the plan- I keep them busy and kick their butts while he goes and informs the police! We both decided to keep our identity a secret as we didn’t want any fame! We just wanted pure action and fun!!!

We decided to put our powers to full use!!! So while Carl sneaked out I turned into a monkey and scurried away! I just went behind a crate when the members arrived and became human once more to conserve my energy. I got a lot of important information from the members’ conversation and got to know that they were smugglers and they were smuggling protected animals! My God!! That’s serious crime!

“Look! The children escaped!!!”

“What?? Find them immediately! The Boss is paying us extra money for taking care of those pesky brats. He wants to hold them hostage!”

“Yeah! And he wants us to keep their mouths shut!”

“And he’s already made our life Hell by trapping us in here and telling us to guard these animals day and night!”

“Which animals???”

“Yeah, which animals?” I wondered.

“Just some protected animals and also an anaconda which he’s afraid of, so get back to work!! Enough talk!”

“Ana.. con..n da?? What’s it doing in India? They are one of the largest snakes in the world and they can swallow a human in one straight gulp!” My heart skipped a beat. I looked into one of the crates by lifting the cover.

“Oh My God!!! A baby Panda ….and it’s mother” This guy’s dangerous, really dangerous! I looked into one more-“A tapir?!!!” This guy should be in jail for hoarding such animals!

I peeped into other crates and found animals not even found in India! I did not put my head into the last crate! I just wanted to leave it alone and who knew if the anaconda had been fed even once?

So I guessed that I could only teach those guys a lesson if I can maul them. So I turned into a tiger and climbed up to the first floor. I growled fiercely and gained their attention. Some declared war and opened fire!

Thanks to my flexibility, agility, my grandpa’s training, and obviously their lousy aim, I could easily dodge the bullets and maul each one of them. I didn’t want to kill them, just injure them very badly! I even held someone by the mouth and threw him down to the ground floor! I think I really smacked the daylights out of them!

Then the Boss arrived. “You know, tigers have a good price in India and in foreign, ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! They’re priceless!” I couldn’t see his face; he was covered by a shadow. It was then he moved forward and guess what-The ‘Boss’ is none other than the manager! I growled fiercely at him. “I don’t know how you escaped and whatsoever but I can tell you one thing- I’m gonna put you back dead or alive! He then took out a big gun and pointed at me. I thought that I should’ve gone and got the police, at least Carl wouldn’t get hunted and skinned and shipped! He then pointed the gun at my forehead. I stood motionless.

I wondered what’s happening to Carl.

Somewhere- a little far away-

“But you’ve got to listen to me! It’s true! I escaped and want you to arrest them!”

“Look kid, I’m not buying your story! And it’s 11:30 in the night! Shouldn’t you be in bed!?” said the police head.

“I escaped!!!”

“Kid I better…”

“No!! I’m taking you by force!”

So I grabbed the police’s keys and dashed in the direction of the ‘hotel’. I ran so fast that the police had to take the jeep. When he reached the garden, I waited for the police.

The police saw me so I quickly opened the drainage hole and jumped through the slide making sure the police completely saw what I did!


I’ve got to find a way to get a way out of this scene! Or it could be my death!

“Great Snakes! Why doesn’t it move? I want it DEAD!” said a gang member.

Snakes? That’s it! Snakes!!! He’s afraid of it, so that’s my dreaded animal! But he’ll find it strange to find a tiger turning into a snake. So I jumped, transformed to human in mid-air and hung on to the edge of the floor. A slip could mean death. I turned to an anaconda and hid myself. When the ‘Boss’ looked over the edge in search for me, I lashed out my tail and the action began!!! That’s the moment where I became the killer! No one bothered to help him as they had been already mauled by a tiger and didn’t want to be finished off by a snake!

A song kept ringing in my head while I kept knocking the smile right out of the manager’s face!

I’ll crush you!
I’ll bite you!
I’ll tear you apart!!!
The next time you shoot animals with a dart!
And put them in a crate!
I’m sure it’s right to kill you,
As this is your ONLY fate!!!
Your blood, blood, blood,
Is all I want!!!
You can’t escape me!
No! No! You can’t!!!!
I’ll make sure my fangs,
Go right through your heart!!!
I’ll transform into a tiger and tear you apart!!!
I’ve no mercy to spare,
So now do you dare!!!
To challenge me again!!!
Or you’ll go through a lot of pain!!!
I’ll crush you!
I’ll even give you a crunch!!!!
Oh how delicious for me it is to munch!!!
After this you’ll never dare to harm an animal so much!!!
So be off! I say!
And don’t give your gang a call!!!
Or you’ll be the subject of my maul!!!
Even if you try,
You’ll be of no match!!!
And across your heart will be a very deadly scratch!!!!!

I bit him; I flung him and even crushed him. I crunched him and even curled around him. This was the moment I was waiting for. I was about to inject the poison as I had struck my fangs deep into his hand when Carl stopped me.

“The police are here! And what are you doing? You don’t want to go to jail or get tranquilized so make a run for it! ”shouted Carl.

I did not want to get a tranquilizer dart on my butt so I decided to make a run for it.

The manager saw Carl and uttered some abusive words. I didn’t like that so I hissed at him, which made him unconscious! In the end, all the members had fled while the manager fell bleeding.

“The police are coming! Run!” reminded Carl.

I immediately turned back and exited the place called “hell” and reached a place where our rooms’ windows were directly above us. Thanks to a growing creeper we climbed back into our rooms. Meanwhile, the police broke in, took the ‘Boss’ and came to our rooms and questioned us. I had guessed right and had predicted this.

They took us to the garden. It was an early morning dawn. The police gave a long speech about how they smuggled the animals, and how an animal escaped and their plan was foiled. The police also revealed the manager to the visitors. Everyone was shocked but Carl and I giggled away…

Carl did not get recognized by the police as he had put on some glasses when he called them so his identity wasn’t blown! Later the police came to the ‘hero’ part. They told that he and his friend was playing catch when they fell into the pipe. They found a way out at last but the other boy was caught. The boy informed us and they came and found out that they escaped.

“That boy should be given an award! He led us right to the crooks!” He later added.

My parents finally realised something and said-

“Billy, you went out to the front garden and didn’t come back. Since then you were missing. Do you know anything of this mess…?”

“No, Not at all! I was in my room!”

“But we didn’t hear any sounds…”

Everyone turned towards me; I could be in some mess right now. I quickly answered.

“I was…err…sleeping! Yeah! I was sleeping!!! I did feel a bit drowsy after eating because I overate and decided to not to run”

“But you did not wake up at all. You are usually a light sleeper. We also asked the manager and he told that it wasn’t his problem….oh!! He must’ve been busy overlooking the ‘goods’ so he didn’t want to help search for you! We also heard from our neighbor that he sort of leaves in the afternoon and goes somewhere and returns only at eight in the morning.”

“I was in my room all day and didn’t come out since I did not feel well.”

“That’s ok, we’ll be moving back to Mumbai tomorrow.”

I and Carl then went to my room and talked and played for the rest of the day. We later asked each other if we should confess. But we decided not to. I later came to know that he lived close-by to my Mumbai house!!!!

The next day we were ready to leave. All the newspapers had the same subject- ‘BOYS HELP CATCH SMUGGLERS. POLICE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE REMAINING OF THE GANG’

He then asked me, “Should we continue this or stop this?” I had just one answer, “Stop it, are you crazy? It’s just the beginning; just see what all adventures we have next. After all, we’re the BEST superheroes in town!


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