Sammy’s Dreamland

Talking of amusement parks around Bangalore… does anybody remember Sammy’s Dreamland? This park had come up even before Wonder La or Innovative Film City came into being. Situated beyond the Yelahanka Air Force Station, about 8 kilometers before the present international airport in Devanahalli, the place was quite far away from the city.

The park was divided into multiple zones. The World Tour zone contained relatively smaller replicas of the Wonders of the World, like the Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa. It had interesting information related to each of these. For the little ones, there was more in the form of Toon City and Children’s Village zones. The former was focused on cartoon characters while the latter had rides specifically meant for children. There was a Lagoon Area, which housed a replica of the Statue of Liberty and also a musical fountain program in the evening.

The place hosted a lot of activities that attracts people of all ages. Toon parade throughout the park, musician show at town hall, live-band by pool side in afternoon, live-band below Eiffel tower in evening, musical fountain in evening & fire show by night were some of the highlights of the day.

We had been there once just a few days before a mishap occurred at the park and eventually the park operation was suspended temporarily due to security concern. In most such cases, the business entity running the park reverts back in business in a couple of months. But Sammy’s Dreamland never did and Bangalore lost one good amusement park.

Few old photos from our visit at the park… Adi was just 4 years old..


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