Shivasamudram, Somnathpur Temple Photo Gallery

Photos from our trip to Shivsamudram falls and Somnathpur temple.

I thought of posting some old photos from our travel album. These picture were taken sometime back… in September, 2005, during in-law’s visit to Bangalore and we decided to drive down to visit Shivsamudram falls (Shivanasamudra Falls) and nearby Somnathpur (Somanathapura) temple.

The falls is located about 140 Kms away from Bangalore in Mandya district. And Somnathpur temple is about 35 Kms away from Mysore city. Both enroute to Mysore city and our route was to visit the falls first followed by the temple. The temple and the falls looked different from the pictures that I have of them taken in 1996-97 and they’ll be looking altogether different now. However, they both are gorgeous and beautiful.

Quoting Wikipedia…

A common misconception about these waterfalls are that the left segment is called Gaganachukki and the right segment is called Bharachukki. In reality the Bharachukki falls are a few kilometers to the south-west of the Gaganachukki falls. This is due to the Kaveri river itself splitting a few kilometers to the south into western and eastern branches. The western branch results in the twin waterfalls of Gaganachukki, whereas the eastern branch results in the Bharachukki falls.


There is another approach to the Gaganachukki falls from the Darga Hazrath Mardane Gaib (Imam Ali). Despite warnings being posted, people climb down the rocks and attempt to view the waterfalls from behind/top, resulting in many fatal accidents.

Adi posing on roadside enroute Shivasamudram falls in full glory, Gaganachukki and Bharachukki.
Shivasamudram falls in full glory, Gaganachukki on the left
Why did you do that, Adi Mummy’s son Father-son moment

Quoting Wikipedia…

The Chennakesava Temple (Kannada: ಶ್ರೀ ಚೆನ್ನಕೇಶವ ದೇವಸ್ಥಾನ) located at Somanathapura is one of the finest examples of Hoysala architecture. The temple was built by Soma, a Dandanayaka (lit, “commander”) in 1268 C.E. under Hoysala king Narasimha III, when the Hoysala Empire was the major power in South India.

Somnathpur temple Adi with elephant at Somnathpur temple Outer wall at Somnathpur temple
Hoysala architecture at Somnathpur temple Magnificient Chennakesava temple at Somnathpur Somnathpur temple – well preserved by ASI

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  1. Anindya Acharya

    Very nice photos ! I had also been there when I was based out of Bangalore

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