Adi’s Journey to Teen

Adi, turned 13 last month. “I’m a teen now!”, he proclaimed! Well, it was an exhilarating journey, I thought and pat came the idea of creating a photo gallery capturing these thirteen years…

I made a quick calculation… 3 to 4 photos per year… so about 50 photos to upload, attach captions, write some texts around it and it should be be finished in flat two hours…

One hour through the work, what I had thought of easy and cake-walk, soon turned into nightmare! Hundreds of photos, what to select and what not, based on what criteria, how to arrange… and above all a big chunk of these photos were shot on film. So the matter just doesn’t end with shortlisting. I need to scan the prints… and that’s going to be hell of a job… what to do?

I decided to take a break to clear my thought process!

After a week of toying with several ideas, I finally realized that getting the whole stuff done in one shot is a bad idea and rather giving it a shot in installments is what makes sense. So, let’s divide the post into several age brackets like 0-7 months, 7 months to 1 year, 1 to 2 year, etc., and keep updating the same post in coming several weeks.

So, here is the `serial post` and there will be several more updates to the same post in coming weeks with new photos and texts etc.

Thank you for stopping by…

Click here to view photos of Adi aged between 0 to 6 months.
Click here to view photos of Adi aged between 7 to 12 months.

Adi – Aged between 0 to 6 Months

The very first photo of Adi. Doing Gangnam style in 2000 long before PSY The most important new addition to the family The very first father-son moment
With the whole family With Dadu, Diya and Mamu With Mamu
How do I look when I smile With Deviamma just before taking bath Taking bath is fun
Bath over, how do I look Let’s play But what to play
Swimming on the bed is the best game And trying to chew those stuff is lot more fun Eating time
Time to go for afternoon roaming I like different dresses I’m tired, let’s take little rest
On the day of ‘Annaprashan’ – the rice taking ceremony How do I look with mummy Just before leaving house for the temple
At temple with parents Another father-son moment At temple with Raju, Shantha aunty and Deviamma
With Raju With Teddy and Winnie the Pooh At Uttarpara with Mita-di and family

Adi – Aged between 7 to 12 Months

Bath is fun except the water going into eyes My chair See this
Getting ready With mummy in matching dress Let me play my music
Father son moment I still sit this way Going out in pram for evening stroll
Sitting pretty In my walker Playing with Raju uncle
I’m taller than uncle With Dr. Nanda Shetty Let me show you my walking skill
This is my walker Let’s walk This is how to go sideways
I can go back also Enjoying the walk Let’s drop everything
What’s on the floor Confused More confused
Confusion gone, now happy My pram With my best friends
My hammer My chair and hammer Hard day hammering at work
With family members of father’s paternal side With family members of father’s maternal side With Diya and great grand mother
With Sucharita aunty In front of Bangalore high court Father son moment
My first birthday With Shantha aunty Cake cutting on my first birthday

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  1. Hi Kaberi and Partha, Accidently found my image with sweet little Adi . Lovely to see u all. You both look just the same. I hope you are all well, Congrats to the new teen.

    • Nanda, What a surprise after so many years!!! Whenever we see these old photos Kaberi would always say she lost your contact. In fact we had tried to contact you several years back – but… who would know that you will hit upon my blog after 13 years!! Adi is in standard VIII… at Bishop’s… Kaberi has gone global… connect with her on Facebook. I’ll tell her to send you friend request… and no teens!!

  2. Partho u are really celebrating his journey, so aesthetic.

  3. Swati Chakraborty

    Darun sundar chhobi,,,,

  4. Anindya Acharya

    Partha – saw the pictures. Fantastic!

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