Our Trip to Wonder la!

We went to Wonder la couple of days back…

This signature amusement park is 40 Kms. away from Bangalore, on the way to Mysore road. This is one of the most exiting amusement parks in the country. As the Summer vacation is going on, Adi was super exited about the trip although he has been going there from Bishop Cotton Boys’ school every year (True!) and to make the whole trip more exhilarating, our family friend Aditya Mishra and family joined. So Adi got his best pal Shuvam and none of us could realize how we spent the whole day there!

We had been here several years back and I found the park very clean, well maintained and most importantly all the rides were very safe. The security guards were there almost everywhere. There was a huge crowd due to school holidays. The ticket price was steep, but, nevertheless, it was worth.

Here are the photos and texts… Enjoy! and Thank you for stopping by…

Wonder la! Somehow reached! The Sky Wheel and the Watch Tower
Wonder la Bumba! Termite den The Dungeon ride – no one is scared!
Termite train – its nothing The Equinox – going up The Equinox – going up further
The Equinox – Wonder la’s signature ride Drop Zone – going up Drop Zone – going further up
Drop Zone – time to drop Maverick Maverick – turned upside down
Maverick – tilted and turned upside down Termite den – view from Watch Tower Techno Jump view from Watch Tower
Techno Jump view from Watch Tower Banded Kraits Banded Kraits – view from Watch Tower
Wave Pool Insanity Wonder Splash
Techno Jump – view from Watch Tower Drop Zone – view from Watch Tower Wonder Splash – view from Watch Tower
Get ready to jump Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww…. Thank God! Its slowing down
Getting ready to drop Smile – as you go up Net Walk
Crazy Wagon – what’s gonna happen Crazy Wagon – let me think… Crazy Wagon – I know what will happen

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