Trip to Innovative Film City

We visited Innovative Film City couple of weeks back. This Film City, IFC in short, is located 43 Kms from our house in Bangalore and spread over 50 acres of land.

We need to drive towards Mysore, go past Wonder la on Mysore road and take left diversion towards Bidadi industrial area.

We started around 8:30 am and took about 2 hours of drive. The road was okay except the patch on Mysore road where every vehicle has to slow down to halt due to congestion and bad road. After that it was smooth driving.

IFC houses 27 different facilities ranging from, Amphitheatre, Retail High Street, Food Courts, Theme Restaurants, Entertainment District with India’s first Dinosaur Park, Haunted Mansion, Cartoon City with India’s biggest Roller Coaster, Aqua Kingdom, Miniature city, Ripley’s Enchanted Mirror Maze, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, Funplex within 4D- Theatre, Louis Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Go-Karting, Mini Golf, Innovative Wannado City, Adventure Sports, Roller Skates, Fossil Museum, Fossil Hunt, Double Decker Carrousel, etc.

The standard package costs Rs. 599/- per head and though cheaper than Wonder la but we didn’t find the Film City very well maintained and interesting or attractive. It comes nowhere close to Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad though created more or less on the same line. In fact, we felt as if the crowd halted at Wonder la just 5 Kms before reaching IFC.

However, it was okay to spend a day there at the park with some of the entertainments and we were back in home by the evening.

Innovative Film City Entrance Kaberi and Adi at the entrance. They can never stand at the center! Height problem…
Let me sit and free my legs after 2 hrs. of sitting in the car Hi! At the other side of the entrance. Standing at the center? No way! Southey hero!
Arjuna from Bishop Cotton… see the position of the first arrow.. Sculpture at the entrance Mirror Maze! Oh Man! What a confusion… did we come out of the entrance itself?
Mirror Maze building Poor Dino at Dino park My pet Dino
Who is scared of the T-Rex behind? Water fall at Dino park… read shower for the Dinos Yahoo! – by T-Rex
Dine skeleton inside the museum Who’s scared? Not me! Cassowary birds from Australia
Jhoola jhoomenge! Aqua Kingdom entrance No one went for Carousel
Go Karting – learning to drive Go Karting – taking the turn Go Karting – taking turns not easy
Go Karting – well, I feel ok at the wheel now Roller Coaster… we survived… twice Dalai Lama – inside wax museum
Frankenstein – inside wax museum Einstein – inside wax museum Beatles – inside wax museum
Mummy returns – inside wax museum M. J, Madonna, Elvis Presley and others – inside wax museum Kaberi with Marilyn Monroe – inside wax museum
Charlie Chaplin with Time Machine – inside wax museum Walt Disney with Mickey, Donald and Goofy – inside wax museum Seven dwarfs – inside wax museum
I with Hitler and Clinton – inside wax museum Haunted House entrance Inside haunted house – anyone hungry?
Star Wars… I guess (: Mammoth skeleton Magical tap – where does the water come from?
My body guard! With world’s tallest man! First flying car
First candy machine Jaw deck Coral ship
Ripley’s Believe it or not Louis Tussaud’s wax museum Ms. Golf
Master Golfer Clock tower Sculpture at the entrance
Handicrafts display at the entrance Roller Coaster… we survived… twice Yahoo! – I can drive!
Aqua Kingdom – panorama view

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  1. Hey partha, i can see that you guys had fun. Wonder la seems like a great place. Loved your wax statue pictures they are really cute especially the dalai lama. IFC seems like a fun place, I love to visit it.

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