Hackers Anonymous at CodeWars

My son and two of his friends took part in HP CodeWars 2015 Bangalore edition and represented the school – Bishop Cotton Boys’. The CodeWars is a first-class computer programming competition for high school students. This is being hosted for the last 15 years in Houston, Austin, Bangalore, Palo Alto, Roseville, Taipei, Barcelona and Newcastle.

The choices of programming languages were Java or C++ or Python. The number of problems to be solved was 22 in three hours. There were 3 members in a team and max two teams from each school. Most of the schools in Bangalore had sent their teams to the event. Our boys chose Java as their programming language.

The teams were also supposed to be judged based on their costume. So different teams were sporting different costume… one team came in pirate dress, one came wearing lab coat etc.

Our team chose to imitate Hackers Anonymous. One of them had found a shop in Bangalore where the Anonymous mask was selling and they bought three pieces. With that they decided to wear suit complete with a tie. So as all the famous programmers in the world wore jeans and t-shirt, a bunch of school boys, wanting to imitate hackers anonymous were wearing suit and tie to hack in their code!

And the school sprang the last minute surprise. Their computer teacher could not make to the event and I was asked to play the role of the mentor. So four hours of good ambience, food and hospitality at HP Mahadevpura office.

The boys did not make it to the top three in the competition; however, it was a good experience for them being at the event first time. They got the exposure to coding competition and a special mention of their attire and came back with some freebies and goodies they would cherish forever.


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