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Morning Walk at Lalbagh Botanical Garden

We went for a morning walk – rather very late – today to our very own Lalbagh Botanical garden. The kids were attending tuition and we had just about one hour make our morning walk happen.

Lalbagh is a tourist spot for those who visit Bangalore. The main attraction various types of trees and plants and of course the flower shows it organizes on the Republic day. We went there after a gap of at least one year. Noticed several improvements… of late the garden has been in the local news quite frequently for all the wrong news though…


Cake Exhibition at St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School

Yes, cake exhibition at the play ground of St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School in Bangalore… this is what we visited yesterday upon insistence from Kaberi!

During Christmas time, we do buy and cherish the plum cakes and when we visit an exhibition on cakes what should we expect? Some cake shops, right?

But there were few cake shops selling good cakes and instead they made some giant cakes in the name of exhibition. Those cakes were so big… imagine a 10 feet high cake… that you would wonder whether they are actually made of food items and eatable or not. I have my doubts! Photography was not allowed and they deployed some well-built human beings to implement the rules. Though nobody knew what security problem could happen if we take photographs of some of their giant cakes!

And since nobody will go just to see and buy cakes, which are available everywhere, the organizers allowed others also put up shops around the exhibition. So, there were numerous shops selling anything and everything… furniture, books (priced per kilogram!) jewellery, food stalls and what not! And this being holiday season, there was a large gathering.

The big shopper had a gala time with shopping and I felt light after coming out! Here are the photos…

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